Q: What time does Unico system open and close?

A: All branches are open from 8 am to 9 pm; from Monday to Sunday weekly (Except Unico Savico is open from 9am to 10pm).

Q: Why are products often out of stock?

A: We always try to keep the catalogs at the highest level. However, the amount depends on whether the sale of an item or the supply process is delayed or not. Information about new shipments of out-of-stock products is always updated. Unico products are manufactured all over the world and there are many cases that will directly affect the receipt process.

Q: Can I pay online and pick up the item directly at the store?

A: We currently do not support this form of shopping.

Q: Can I order goods online and pick up products directly at the store?

A: We currently do not support this form of shopping. All products of the online delivery order will be delivered directly from the Warehouse to your home so it is not possible to receive products ordered online at the store.


Q: Does Unico have delivery service?

A: Unico we offer home or work delivery.

Q: How can I contact the staff who is delivering my order?

A: You can call the phone number for the team that is delivering your order to you provided on the purchase confirmation page.

Q: The goods after delivery are missing or damaged. What should I do?

A: Please call (+84) 904123459 to resolve inquiries about your order.

Q: What if some of our products are missing and missing parts?

A: Please first double check the packages again. Some items are divided into bales. The number of packages is clearly stated on the box and label. If you lose your case, go to the cashier’s branch of the purchased store with the original receipt.

If the goods inside the package are missing, go to the cashier of the purchased branch with the original receipt and assembly instruction sheet for comparison.